BAM! Big Box - GALAXY the Pop Culture Edition (BAS COA)




The BAM! Big Box theme for the January 2020 Pop Culture edition is.... GALAXY! This Big Box will literally be other worldly. It is also going to be one of our higher end autographs we have put into a box. Get ready for our one our best boxes yet! With this Big Box, we will use multiple photographs for this particular celebrity including BAM! customs. If you love franchises like Star Wars and Guardians Of The Galaxy, then this is a must have. The BAM! Big Box is a limited release box. We have a certain number we can obtain for this celebrity. Beckett will be doing all of the authentication for this autograph. Each will come with a BAS sticker. It will contain a higher-end celebrity autograph, a higher-end prop, a pin set and an art print celebrating all of our favorite franchises found in the galaxy! Due to the date of the signing and it happening overseas, these will only ship the beginning of March and will be the first box shipped from our new headquarters in Austin, TX!

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